Mirror of Opposition is an action-packed, mystical thriller that follows the journey of three young Samurai students to worlds that none of them, seemingly, could have been prepared for.  The character driven subplot explores how each young warrior’s fate challenges and rewards his own unique qualities.  The novice Samurai’s are each drawn to a different and unknown supernatural existence and path to enlightenment that has exciting images and thrilling side stories.


Ronin, Makato and Obladi are curious and adventuresome Samurai students.  Makato’s independent and rebellious nature cajoles and propels his younger and more reverent mates to test Sensei Hitoshi’s stern and disciplined perimeters.   The action begins early on when the boys are ripped from their master’s tutelage and thrust into disparate worlds of danger, wonder and spiritual challenge they never could have imagined.   Makato is subjugated by lifeless mercenaries of evil and pitted against his former comrades.  Ronin battles the evil forces but escapes to a netherworld of character and spiritual challenge that would build his ability to fight an even greater evil to come.  Obladi’s well developed though youthful skill and pure soul meet what seems a premature end.  That soul is resurrected in a dimension of ancient and all knowing deities that guide him to enlightenment and power.  ‘Mirror’ may occasionally send some to the dictionary but, at the same time, introduces the reader to worlds of other dimensional existence, astral travel and telepathic relationships.  The battles of good versus evil that ensue are exciting as well as thought provoking.


If you’re looking for a fast paced story that transports you to another place and time, explores paranormal and supernatural possibilities and allows you to capture the spirit of young warriors, T.S. Robinson’s “Mirror of Opposition” does all of those.  A definite page turner.


~Keith Richards

“Mirror of Opposition isn’t like any other book I’ve read. TS Robinson’s knowledge of a host of subjects (from philosophy to swordplay), provides a depth of character and learning that isn’t found in books of this kind.  Mirror of Opposition continues TS Robinson’s journey as an author, and illustrates a clear desire to avoid formulaic writing. This is not just another fellowship that discovers a problem and decides to fight. While there is no shortage of battle scenes, Mirror is a journey of spirituality, individuality and maturity, but allows for the fact that not everybody’s journey follows the same path, even if those paths might later converge.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and highly recommend it … you won’t be disappointed!!!"

~ Brian Kurlander
“I didn't expect MIRROR OF OPPOSITION to be THAT good!   I've read gobs of fantasy over the last decade, from Robert Jordan to Tolkien, R. A. Salvatore, Weis, Hickman, Goodkind and Odom .   Therefore you know that I am speaking with experience when I say...MIRROR OF OPPOSITION IS ONE OF THE BEST FANTASY BOOKS I'VE EVER READ!!!!  I am sincerely impressed and have become a T. S. Robinson fan for life!!!   Read the book ~ you won’t be disappointed!!!"

~ A. Rotsinger

“Wow.  I mean just wow!   This book really makes you think.  TS Robinson takes you on a journey filled with surprise, intrigue, suspense and a gambit of emotions.   This sounds really cliché, but I can say this honestly –  I really couldn't put it down!!”

~ R. Sakamoto

"Mirror of Opposition is a fast paced, engaging story that chronicles the friendship and growth of three boys who ultimately must identify and embrace their own versions of truth and goodness. From the opening paragraph to the exciting climax, friendship, faith, trust and honor are challenged, embraced, and lived-out in thought, word and deed. Offering everything from subtle intrigue to epic battles, MIRROR strikes a chord in each of us as we share the journey from childhood dreams into moral prerogatives, from questions into answers, and from darkness into light. Each step along the pathway invites you to explore and embrace your own journey and potential. Whether you enjoy a good story, are a fantasy aficionado or a deep thinker, Mirror of Opposition is sure to please." 

~ Terry Steele
"I read this book in 3 days because I couldn't put it down. This is a
superbly written book. The philosophy referenced in this book was stated
in such a way as to make it easy to understand without losing any of its importance.  Mr. Robinson does a great job using humorous situations to simplify several deep concepts throughout the book.  The characters were real, the distinct personalities flow well even as the characters mature. The concepts of good and evil and the balance of each is portrayed very well, with few words, and without losing any of their value to the story.  I like the unexpected paths each character takes on
their journey - a very pleasant surprise.  Lastly, I would like to give
my compliments to the entertaining dialogue throughout the book which plays outs several events going on at the same time.  I would highly recommend this book to truly appreciate the talent of the author."

~ Andy Bernier

Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself, "Damn, I wish I wrote this book!" Well, that thought occurred to me on multiple occasions as I made my way through this incredible journey. Robinson puts forth a story that demonstrates his ability to merge various themes and concepts. Mirrors of Opposition is an exciting story, totally unpredictable and educational. There were many times in the book where I thought "What inspired this?" Martial arts, Eastern and Western philosophy/religion, seamanship, warfare, science's incredible the number of topics covered in this story. The depth implies a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as an incredible discipline towards research. I love this book...I rarely read a book a second time...this book is absolutely an exception!”


~ J. Hansen

Mirror of Opposition is the story of three boys in a martial arts school, curious and rebellious in the normal manner, imaginatively punished for their infractions. It quickly gets serious, as they discover first a mysterious cave, then an eyeless body in the sea. The latter means the school has been discovered by the enemy, and the attack is soon upon them. Their fellow samurai students are soon slaughtered, and they are separated. One goes to the cave, that conceals a potent mirror; another is taken over by the enemy and comes to kill the first and gain the magic power of the mirror; the third is sent on a deadly route of discovery. There is mayhem and bloodshed galore, but also a strong grounding in the philosophy of the art. Years pass, and in due course they interact again, finally reunifying against a common enemy. This may sound standard, but there's a difference: one is alive, one is dead, and one is undead. Thus they have three rather distinct perspectives. It's pure combat adventure, but it does move well and should appeal to those who have any notion of the discipline of martial art.”


~ Piers Anthony

"T.S.Robinson covers a lot ground in this compelling and action packed book!

I especially enjoyed the play of universal archetypes of good and evil throughout the story.

Writing at a universally mythological level the author skillfully outlines many of the competing motivations that vie for prominence in us all.

I particularly enjoyed the scene in which a man plays chess with a demon! The conversation that takes place is a vivid illustration of largely hidden human psychological processes as told through the medium and metaphors of story (i.e., mythology).

Struggling against colossal forces - internal, external, and magical - the principle characters of this work symbolize in many ways the journey we all make and gives this book wide appeal.

I gave this book 4 stars because it was too short! "

~ D. O'Brien

"This book made me wish that I had taken a speed reading class. I started the book and could not wait to get to the next page to see what was going to happen. I saw some of the reviews mention favorite scenes/chapters. For me, T.S. Robinson amalgamated the storylines so perfectly that I cannot think of a single favorite. The story diverges, converges and flows so eloquently that each page is a "must read." When I got to the end of the book, I wished that there had been more pages. So to that, in the event Mr. Robinson ever sees this review, we need a Mirror of Opposition - PART 2!"


~  Mark Ellis

“Mirror of Opposition provides a multi-dimensional view of a young man coming of age in a turbulent time in a fantastic setting.  The author develops his characters with precision and imaginative reality.  I couldn't put it down and was equally disappointed when it ended.  Thank you another great book.  I look forward to the next one.”

~  E. Ferguson

"Great story, fun read, and very well written! What more could you want?! The use of humor along with fantasy and knowledge of the subject are what make this book flow and keep you turning the pages. The characters develop so interestingly and the battles that the three warriors face individually keep you eager to read and find out what will happen next. When the friends are finally drawn back together for an epic battle you will not be disappointed! It is a book you will not want to put down.  I'm looking forward to the next adventure!!"

~ Kim M.

"First I should say this is not my usual genre. I found Mirror of Opposition at a local bookstore where it was highlighted as being written by a local author. I purchased it with a high amount of skepticism, but started reading it and could not put it down...literally stayed up well into the night so I could finish in just two evenings. The characters develop in such a way that you feel they are your own personal circle of friends. I could see a bit of myself in each of them and that along with the perfect amount of sarcasm really drew me into their lives. This is definitely one of those stories that pulls you in so deeply you are disappointed that it must end. I highly recommend reading and will purchase future novels by T.S. Robinson without hesitation."

~ J. Johnson

T.S. Robinson's Mirror of Opposition is a fantastic, fun and fast read. I inhaled it in one afternoon and can only hope that the previous reviewer, who mentioned that this is the first of three books, is correct!

The story, setting and characters engage the reader quickly and once it takes hold, you are hooked and on a wonderful adventure that leaves you wanting more...

It covered numerous subject matters that I am not very familiar with - martial arts, chess, etc. -and yet I felt like I was right there, in it. So much so that I think I'll learn how to play so that I will only better understand the action in the next installment.

My only complaint was the length, not long enough! More, more, more...then again, maybe I'm just being greedy!

~ M. Mickey

Megacon Moments: T. S. Robinson

April 13, 2011 8:42 am

One of the First people we met in artist’s alley was author T.S.Robinson. He let me call him Tim.

A friendly, cheerful, passionate guy, keen to explain to us the ideas and themes behind novels on the table before us.

Of the three impressive books, Battle Chasers, Into the Dragons Maw and Mirror of Opposition. Mandy, the avid reader of our team, fancied the last one, described by Tim as the most spiritual.

As Tim signed a copy for Mandy, I thought I detected a bit of chemistry between them but as I’d just discovered he held 5 martial arts black belts, I decided not to mention it!

Kidding aside, we had a great meeting and I think I persuaded Tim to do some writing for our site and hope he will join us as a regular columnist.

As I write this Mandy is halfway through the book, loving it and her review will follow soon.

Tim’s novels will soon be available in our store.




Click here to pull up dj's article.


 Tim also submitted his own article for dj's website.  Click here to view it. (July 20, 2011 Entry re: ACC5) by Sarah Lorenz


The third and final author at ACC5 in Jax, FL, whom had an impact on me at the convention was T.S. Robinson. He is one of the most laid back and easy going authors I have ever met; he is just an honest and down-to-earth sort of guy who likes to sit and talk about anything and everything.  After just a few minutes, I got the feeling as if we were long time friends who were catching up after a year or two apart.  His passion and love for writing, in all its forms, was evident.  You can check out his books “Battle Chasers”,  “Into the Dragon’s Maw”, and his newest book “Mirror of Opposition” at  The first and most obvious thing I found myself noting about Robinson was his honest and approachable manner.  He treats everyone who stops by to talk as if they are long time friends.  There is no superiority complex and no sense that you are bothering or pestering him with questions or general conversation.

One nugget of gold that I took away from my conversations with him was this- that you do not have to be popular or well known to still love writing.  Indeed, I think it is safe to say that if you not write first and foremost because you love to do so, then you will have a very hard time becoming a successful and loved author.  That really helped reaffirm my own love and passion for writing and was a great encouragement to me at this early stage of my own novel. While it would be nice if my book gets published quickly and becomes a best seller and tops off lists, that cannot be the main reason that I write.  I write because I love it and it is as much a part of my being as eating, breathing, and sleeping.  I am a writer, and so I write- Robinson helped me reaffirm this.  So go check his works out and find your own inspiration!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and it truly is my hope that you check out these amazing authors, support them if you can, and never be afraid to step out and start on your own journey.  Wherever it may lead you, walking with like-minded people can always make it more enjoyable!

Book Report: Mirror of Opposition

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The first in what will hopefully become a long series of fantasy novels, Mirror of Opposition, by T.S. Robinson, tracks three young friends who are blown apart from each other by the actions of the book’s initial villain, and must struggle singly to overcome obstacles all at once physical, spiritual, and philosophical in nature.

One friend finds himself in the belly of the beast, and must embrace the wickedness of his circumstances for any hope of survival. Another finds himself among the defenders of the weak and innocent, set at odds with his previous friend. The third takes a middle path, leaning precious secrets and inadvertently exposing himself to something far worse than anything they have seen so far.

Mirror packs plenty of sword-wielding, swashbucklery punch; there is more than enough action to keep the die-hard fantasy fan entertained here. But in the tradition of a Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers) or a David Gerrold, (War Against the Chtorr) this is also a thinking man’s book, with broad examinations on the nature of good, evil, and the struggles that they produce. The value added to the reader from this is that while the author has created a fascinating world full of hidden implication and larger-than-life personality, he seems unafraid to explore the results of what he has set in motion, allowing his world to break, sometimes immediately, in surprising and fearless ways that will keep your attention and interest.

A single caveat: this book does read like the opening chapter to a much larger experience. It will make you want more. The writing is deft, the characters well-thought out, and at the end you will be ready for the next one. I certainly am.

Necronomicon 2012


Mr. Robinson,


We talk regularly at Necronomicon and I like to get your books there so I can get them signed. I hope my name sparks recognition, but I know at a convention you meet many people so that’s ok. J

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know I just finished reading Mirror of Opposition and I loved every moment of the journey.  In my opinion this is your best work yet and as you mentioned at this last convention I can see where you would have a lot of material to work with for a series and I can hardly wait.  The setting was fresh and original and the story held me captivated until the very end.  I hope to see all three of the main characters again in future stories, especially Ronin.  I wanted to see more of Ronin’s new found knowledge and skill put to use in battle, but the ending of this story made sense so here’s hoping for more in the next book.  The balance of all three characters was interesting to me with Ronin and Makato representing polar opposites, the disciplined opposed to the chaotic and Obladi representing the balance between them in their relationship. 

Anyway, great job as usual I think you have a real hit here for a long series of books.  Good luck in your writing and take care.

~ G. Davis

Awesome martial arts and magic mayhem!!! Loved it!!!!
This was a great read for me. When I heard from the author that it had martial arts, magic and zombies in it, I wanted to pick this up immediately. The book was well paced, and had me pulled in from the beginning. There was action and a great story line throughout! I couldn't put it down once I started, and it left me wanting more. I am excited to find out that this is just the beginning for this book series, and look forward to picking up the rest. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great book to read. Pick this one up right away!
~ Joe A.
Awesome Start to a Hopefully Long Running Series!
Some books you have to read a few chapters before you really get into the story. This is definitely NOT the case with Mirror of Opposition. From the very first page I was caught up in a story that I could not put down. Samurai warriors, angels and demons fighting an ongoing war of good versus evil on an epic scale across the multiverse that you can travel through by way of inter-dimensional portals, what's not too like about that. From what I know this is most likely to be a series and you can tell right from the beginning that you're getting into a story that is only scratching the surface. That's not to say this book leaves you hanging. The author does a great job of developing his characters and moving the story along to a natural conclusion, but in the end you just want more. I honestly cannot wait until the next book.
~ Greg D.


Posted on Jacksonville Beaches Info Blog : Published May 15, 2013

We want to first, thank Mr. Robinson, for taking the time to be our first feature writer. The Northeast Florida area has an abundance of artist and talented people and this is a first in a series of articles featuring our local writers.


Mr. T.S. Robinson is a Science-Fiction/Fantasy writer who moved to the First Coast over 10 years ago. Specifically he wanted to live next to an ocean, raise his family and write his books. He has succeeded in doing all three. Since he has written an excellent auto-biography and posted it on his website: We will let you read that for yourself. And take a few minutes to browse through the rest of his site. He has done an excellent job of informing his readers about the stories he has written, the site is well laid-out and in keeping with his genre. Mr. Robinson also keeps in touch with his fans using his Facebook Page and Twitter accounts. See below for those links. We hope you too will “Like” his Facebook page and “Follow” him on Twitter.


Over the years Mr. Robinson has written and published 3 books and are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and BooksAMillion online most in both paperback and eBook formats. At the bottom of this page you can click on the books and buy yourself a copy. I was able to read Mirror of Opposition this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a big fan of most of the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre and believe that he has done a great job with his characters, storyline and creating a believable world. Mr. Robinson uses a sarcastic wit with his characters that I really enjoyed. You can read more about each of the books on his website. All three have gotten great reviews and are well worth the read. I am looking forward to the next one.


Below are some general questions we will be asking each writer and hope that their current and future fans will enjoy the answers:

Area of NE Fla: – Jacksonville Beach


Who or What Got You Started in Writing? Dungeons & Dragons. I either played or DM’d every game module from the 1980's. In that RPG, you’re either part of an adventure or creating one to take others through, so the art of story-telling (for me) began with that game which I played all through my adolescence.


What Do You Like Most About Writing? The creativity and freedom involved in making up a story.


What Inspires You As You Are Writing? (What keeps you going?) The sense of adventure and mystery associated with the story being developed.


What Do You Dislike Most About Writing? The length of time involved to get a story written, reviewed, edited, formatted and published. You have to invest years of your life in the process of turning out a novel.


Which Books Do You Read Most? (Top Five Authors and/or Series): Piers Anthony (Incarnations of Immortality Series, Battle Circle), Gary Gygax (Gord the Rogue series), RA Salvatore (Drizzt series), Michael Moorcock (Elric series), Eric Van Lustbader (Sunset Warrior Trilogy), and David Gemmell.


What Do You Do To Relax? (What are your hobbies) Fitness, martial arts, comedy, a good book or movie, good food, good location and good company.


Do You Do A Lot Of Research For Your Stories? And if so, what sources do you find the most valuable? Online mostly through GOOGLE searches is where I find my context. I also have several books I’ve collected over the years that revolve around fantasy settings and creatures.


What are you working on now? The sequel to MIRROR OF OPPOSITION, entitled MIRROR OF CHAOS. This will be an ongoing series of titles, beginning with MIRROR OF ….


What is the one piece of advice you would give to upcoming writers? The key to success (with anything you attempt) boils down to 2 things – patience and persistence. Set goals and work towards them.