"T.S. Robinson's Into the Dragon's Maw is a great story with great elements: well described settings, clear narrative, nice nuances of characterization, a coherent and varied story line, plenty of action with just the right pacing, and a very satisfactory conclusion." 

~Piers Anthony

"Into the Dragon's Maw is a well-written and enchanting tale of men, elves and dwarves pitted against warmongering sorcerers, trolls and demons.  There are scenes of single combat, deadly peril, great battles, picaresque adventure, shy love and a final confrontation which lives up to its promise.  T.S. Robinson fills a niche that's sorely needed in this fantasy genre: a martial artist rising above sword and sorcery."

~L. O'Brien

"Into the Dragon's Maw is awesome!  It kept my attention from beginning to end, and I was unable to put it down until I had read the entire story.  It's very well-written and I love the characters and storyline."

~A. Thomas

“I can’t begin to say how exciting it was to read this book - it was the first I had ever read from this author.  T.S did an amazing job bringing together three of the most unlikely of travelers, along with many pleasant surprises. The way the author creates the plot to bring three of the most diverse characters together was nothing less than superb. The story was well written using both humorous and serious situations. Personally the most memorable character for me was Klown (I could not get enough of him). You will just have to read the entire book to see what I mean, and I mean the entire book as no section should be skipped!  I couldn’t put it down and was left wanting more!” 


~ M.A. Bernier

“Just wanted to say what a nice surprise Into the Dragon's Maw was. A friend recommended the read and I finally found some time to sit with it. Needless to say, it was finished within hours leaving me craving more. I hate when the book is done and I am left wanting to know what happens next. If you are looking for an interesting story line and even more impressive character development, you will certainly chuckle aloud while holding this in hand.  Mr. Robinson has a way of making one take time to contemplate while enjoying a fast-paced mental work-out.”


~ K. Davis

“I finished it in one day and loved it, especially Xin's trial which shows the author's knowledge of martial arts and philosophy and was thrilling to say the least. My favorite characters are probably Xin and Kook (who's absolutely hilarious). The author’s skill at describing AD&D monsters from new angles is also amazing, I never would have thought that a troll would scare me so....

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the style was a little too simple at times, but I understand that people not familiar with AD&D or other fantasy settings might find some things difficult to understand. But overall the author completely drew me into his world as I started to see the patterns and hidden lines that make up the world. It's a very difficult task to make a reader feel at home in the world after just one book, but the author managed it perfectly!

Into The Dragon's Maw is an excellent adventure that is doubly rewarding to fans of AD&D, I think. This is not a book I will put into the dusty corner of my bookshelf!”


~ T. Estonia

“Most books give a glimpse into the lives of characters that grow dear to our hearts. This book goes a step beyond and truly brings them to life. It paints a vivid picture of a world unlike our own, with characters that are true to life. I could leave a long review and tell you the whole story, but it is simply one that you have to read for yourself. I do have one small complaint however, it is too short, but that in no way takes away from the experience the story provides. Also look for Robinson's first book Battle-Chasers, which was written with the same dept and imagination as this tale.” 


~ J. MacDonald