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Self Defense

Welcome to the home of T.S. Robinson, author of Battle Chasers, Into the

Dragon's Maw, and his newest novel, Mirror of Opposition

"The battles of good versus evil that ensue are exciting as well as thought provoking."  -- K. Richards



Mirror of Opposition

“An imaginative, philosophical martial arts adventure that reads well and offers wide appeal.” -- Piers Anthony

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"A fast-paced, engaging story with surprising depth and amazing fantasy." -- T. Steele

Interview at MegaCon with the Pow Wow Radio Show
 The Pow Wow Radio Show
March 25, Orlando, FL)

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" of the best fantasy books I have ever read!!!..." -- A. Rotsinger


"..takes you on a journey filled with surprise, intrigue, suspense, and a gambit of emotions." -- R. Sakamoto





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